Posted by: Gary Klaukka | October 14, 2008

Rowley Way

In my previous entry, I mentioned that parts of Breaking and Entering were shot on the Rowley Way estate in North West London. Today I made an urban expedition to the estate to learn more about it.

The Alexandra & Ainsworth Estate (as it is officially known) was designed by Neave Brown of the Camden Council’s Architects’ Department in 1968. The construction took place between 1972 and 1978. What is particularly interesting about these buildings is that the main road is, in fact, a pedestrianised walkway. It definitely helps to make the estate more approachable and gives it a distinct garden-like feeling.

It was interesting to notice that the estate resembled the Brunswick Centre building complex just off Russell Square. It had a similar stacked quality to it, although the Brunswick looks more aesthetic. Perhaps it’s because the Brunswick is painted white – the buildings along Rowley Way are all made out of unpainted concrete. The Brunswick also has a thriving shopping complex in the middle of it, meaning that it’s busy at almost all times of the day.

Here are some pictures from my expedition.


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