Posted by: Gary Klaukka | November 28, 2008

Severe delays

Normally my journey back from Russell Square to Acton Town is quite an uneventful 30-minute ride. Unfortunately, this was not the case today. As I got on the train, the driver told us that “there are severe delays on the Piccadilly line. If I were you, I’d use any alternative to get where I was going.” It turns out that she knew what she was talking about. In a few minutes, we were told that the line had been suspended between Hyde Park Corner and Hammersmith.

I decided to get above ground at Green Park and take the number 9 bus to Hammersmith and continue my journey from there. The bus was absolutely packed and the bus driver had an amazingly short temper. Someone kept leaning against the stop button, so the driver stopped the bus in the middle of Piccadilly, got out of his booth, pointed at a sheepish-looking man and shouted: “You! You keep pressing the button! Get off my bus right now!” Everyone stared at the bus driver and he finally calmed down. No one was ejected from the bus in the end. (In hindsight, it might have been quicker to walk, though.)

At Hammersmith I got on a train back to Acton Town and managed to make my way home. A journey that normally takes 45 minutes had taken me almost two hours.

The video below was not shot by me, but by someone I found on YouTube. Thankfully my commuting experience doesn’t tend to be as bad as it is in the video!


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